Belkin wireless adapter validating identity

If that doesn't work, I'd suspect the storm might've damaged the router somehow.Was it plugged into a surge protector, and/or have you noticed any other issues with anything else that was turned on at the time?Even he himself told me that Belkin’s toll-free line is useless.If you can’t provide support here in Malaysia (I wonder why, since you do have an office across the bridge in Singapore), at least guide us to someone who can!Wi-Fi is cheap and cheerful, providing the best bang for the buck in terms of bitrate, size, power consumption, and cost.) in messaging (pre-11n, draft 11n, 2.0 but not finished 11n, 11n--we mean it this time); and major reductions in power consumption, package size, and cost.

But, at the end of the day, I'm pretty certain I know most of the technical arguments; in my mind, the only thing that's going to make wireless high-def as easy as Wi-Fi is price.

Magis Networks closed its doors five years ago, so one can comfortably say that the clock has been running since well before that time.

But, with apologies to Keith Olbermann, you can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me.

Two years ago, the math wasn't quite as disturbing.

Right now, a search on 10 meter HDMI cables on delivers a list where the top six results come in at prices ranging from to .