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And sometimes that’s exactly what a marriage needs… I believe every couple should take a step back and look at their marriage and […] By Jolene Engle, Contributing Writer I’m not fond of living in chaos.

And that’s especially true when it comes to the beauty of separation.

My husband and I spent the entirety of our courtship living 500 miles apart. But now, almost 4 years into the delicious togetherness of married life, we know it was a really, really good thing.

Our long-distance relationship gave our marriage a foundation of friendship and communication that could not be easily achieved any other way.

And I wanted to learn how to communicate again, not just exchange little blurbs. Technology makes it so we can see each other now- use it! For me, to have a deep convo, sometimes it’s easier to not look them in the eye–especially if it’s of a sensitive nature. I’m currently in a long distance relationship, and though I have lots more to learn, I think I can answer some of these questions.

I love letter-writing, but I know that it takes away from my verbal skills in some ways. I’ve recently recommended to some of my friends the benefits that only long distance can give.

We were in a LDR for a bit more than 4 years (He was in England and then Botswana and I was in Mexico, and we only manage to meet three times before getting married). We are where we are today because God who kept us and saw us through. You ask yourself if you really have to go through all the pain and loneliness.

The pain of loving someone so so much, but you cannot be with them. You dream, and hope that the time will come when you’ll be together. Let your mate know how much you think about and love them.

How did you focus on really getting to know each other when you weren’t together?We learned so much, in fact, that we from each other.We are all about encouraging each other, especially in the area of godly relationships.It’s not that email and internet have suddenly given us the ability to meet and marry someone from another state: mail-order brides have been around since long before the advent of the internet!My husband and I learned a lot in our long-distance relationship.