Coleen garcia and gab valenciano dating

Gab found someone who loves his family, God, and who is willing to have a family with him.He wants to have kids young like his father, Gary Valenciano. He's 26 years old now, but he wants to have kids before he reaches 30 years old.When Gab was asked whether their going out means "exclusively dating" ? Gab Valenciano said he wishes the best for ex-girlfriend Coleen Garcia and his friend Billy Crawford, who just recently admitted on "It's Showtime" that they are officially together.

But 30 years later, they have a happy family with their kids--Paolo, Gab and Kiana.After all, this issue doesn't affect him already, especially since he already got engaged to fiance Tricia Centenera. His relationship with Coleen ended more than one year ago, Gab said.It's nice to see Coleen and Billy fighting for their relationship.He doesn't have any problem about seeing any of his exes.At this point in his life, he's contented because he already found his future wife, Tricia Centenera.