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He listed 10 names including Mr Coulson, former news editor James Weatherup and eight others who cannot be identified for legal reasons.Weatherup has pleaded guilty to a phone-hacking conspiracy, the jury has heard.

In a second day of testimony at the Old Bailey, Mr Evans told the court he was ordered to make a copy of the recording on another tape, place it in a Jiffy bag and have it sent to the front desk of the newspaper’s building, as if it had been handed in anonymously.Mr Evans told the jury: “For the record, I would like to apologise to them all for having their privacy infringed.”He told the court that before the story broke, he had been under intense pressure to come up with stories.He said one of the paper’s journalists had sent him an email saying: “If you do not come up with a front-page story you might as well jump off a cliff.”Mr Evans was also asked who else knew about phone hacking at the .The journalist adopted a look of “mock surprise” as he received it, before exclaiming: “Oh, look what I have.”Mr Coulson, along with News International’s former chief executive, Rebekah Brooks, is charged with conspiracy to hack mobile phones. According to Mr Evans, Mr Coulson gave a specific directive that he wanted to hear the tape, which had first been played to another senior journalist.The tape’s detail confirmed rumours already known to a journalist on the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid, and a draft of a story outlining the Miller-Craig affair had already been shown to Mr Coulson. He wanted to hear the tape.” He said he played the tape to Mr Coulson and another executive. They said ‘Good work.’” He added: “Everyone was having a bit of an adrenaline kick.”The recording and what it confirmed was praised by other staff who warmly congratulated Mr Evans, saying “Good work.” A senior journalist who had listened to the tape with Mr Coulson is alleged to have added: “You’re a company man now Dan.”As Mr Evans outlined events, Mr Coulson, who had been taking notes sitting in the witness box, shook his head.

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