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We are the only company in the marketplace to offer a truly ‘CUBE FREE’ shipping service. We give you a 5 LBS grace to stay within the weight limit.‘CUBE FREE’ means no cubic feet increase due to palletizing.

You can ship boxes & TVs for a fixed price with our ‘CUBE FREE” service. Traditionally, LCL shipping is billed by volume in cubic feet.

We have weekly sailings to India from all major ports in the USA.

We provide customs clearance services at all ports in India. We can transport the ocean container right to your doorstep.

The container is loaded & secured with a tamper-proof bolt seal. The container goes straight to the port from your home. You can then track your container all the way up to its final destination in India. You can ship boxes, TVs and furniture to India as LCL.

We are the largest consolidators for shipping to India from USA.

Any money saved upfront in poor packing can cost you several times over later in damages. We provide affordable packing services at most locations. Our customs escorts handle all clearance formalities. You can avail duty concessions with the ‘Transfer of Residence’ (TR) allowance.

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Our LCL containers sail every other week from the west coast and east coast.This introduces an element of suspense due to not knowing what your final bill will be.Our ‘CUBE FREE’ LCL service takes all the guesswork out of shipping.Click here for an informative blog on the subject.4. Click here for an article on how to make US based TVs work in India.10.Hire only a licensed & reputable international shipping company. The industry is infamous for scammers who bait you with low quotes. Last but not least, know your rights and responsibilities.