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The group said that the most common four passwords were some combination of "123456789," which in part made it easier to determine a significant portion of the leaked passwords.The breach notification confirmed that it has added the breached data into its database, alongside another 2.3 million records from 10 other websites that the group bundled in with its blog post.A member of the Leaked Source group told me that about half of the passwords -- around 12 million -- were easily cracked using readily available cracking tools.That's because, according to the group's blog post, the sites "all used some variation of MD5 with or without unique salts," an algorithm that is considered insecure by today's standards.In response to Facebook’s recent bold statement about (yet again) conquering Russia, one of the largest Russian newspapers Vedomosti created a top list of websites that are most visited by Russian people.

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Some of the forums allowed the hackers to also obtain IP addresses , which could be used to determine location, and phone numbers.Fotostrana is another Russian social network with built-in dating functionality and various entertainment services. Analytics Banner ads Branding Business issues Display advertising in Russia Facebook General Yandex SEO Geotargeting on Yandex Legal Market Mobile Mobile gaming in Russia Online travel in Russia Opinions Payments Russian domains (. Over 25 million accounts associated with forums hosted by Russian internet giant have been stolen by hackers.Since September 2014 VK is fully controlled by Group.Group is one of the largest digital companies in Russia that started as a free email service and with the time turned into a multibillion corporation owning a number of highly successful social-, communication- and entertainment-related projects in Russia.