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They might even wonder if it’s well worth it all to keep the race.The suffering of trials and temptations have to be in the principle of love to God and Jesus Christ, otherwise there’s absolutely no interest from the Crown.Is it not even you in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ at his coming?This Crown of Rejoicing is obtained through soul-winning.This reward is dedicated to the Christian who suffers and that with patience and constancy goes through all trials and problems in the way of their obligation.It appears that in the responsibilities of Christians they occasionally run across issues and disappointments so much that they start to eliminate interest and expect of the obligation.Christians should take some time in their own race to obey the Holy Spirit and also discuss with others what they have in Jesus.What a glory and honour it’s go be properly used of the Holy Spirit to lead others into a saving knowledge of the Son of God.“I’ve fought the great fight, I have finished the race. This crown is going to be the recompense of all of the services Christians have provided, which God isn’t unrighteous to forget.

Christ will come again to judge the works of people and also to provide these benefits that they’re entitled.This contrast made an allusion that was well known to the people of Paul’s day and consequently was a fantastic teaching metaphor.The opponents who conducted in such games were duly qualified both by personality and capability.There is an assortment of crowns which could possibly be rewarded with Christians whenever they finish that race of life. From the Christian’s responsibility, all operate that they may get this particular crown.All that end receive the prize, not only the winner. Why should not the Christian much more curtail themselves of the independence to the glorious prize set before them?