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All I remember is that their relationship wasn’t healthy.’ ‘Paige was a young thing who was very much taken advantage of by the men of Hollywood, she was intelligent and talented, it’s a tragedy what happened to her.’ ‘She told me about all the men who had abused her.

She said she had an affair with John Huston, and that he had done things to her, abused her.

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The woman briefly “dated” Cosby and was passed around by Hugh Hefner and “dozens of Hollywood leading men”.MK slaves also develop an obsession with their handler/programmer whom they often end up referring to as “the devil” or “Satan”.Not only do MK handlers force their slaves to undergo horrific torture to induce trauma, they subject them to all kinds of Satanic rituals.A recent article in the Daily Mail describes Paige Young’s life in Hollywood and the gruesome details of her suicide.Many details in that article provide clear indications that the Playmate was a Beta Kitten Monarch slave who was handled by the Hollywood elite.