Films about teachers dating students

Poor Linus had to get used to a new teacher, Miss Halverson, and so did we.

She started out in radio in 1948, moved to TV in '52 and moved on to the big screen in '56.

After giving him a brief tour around the school, King Bob declares Gus as the "new kid", being the newest student on the playground, which means nobody is supposed to talk to him and refer to him only as the "new kid"Butch (a mysterious kid who tells horror stories and urban legends about kid life) scares the playground with a story of seeing his older brother kiss his girlfriend and warning the kids that there will come a day where boys kiss girls and girls kiss boys and they will like it. When King Bob comes down with a bad case of tonsilitis, he appoints Gus as the temporary King Of The Playground while he recovers from surgery.

To prove this, the gang picks two people who will go through with the experiment -- and things get worse when the two people turn out to be T. Soon, the power goes to Gus's head, and he starts bossing the other students around.

Teachers tend to be unsung heroes, but once in a while a movie or TV show captures just how unforgettable they can be.

Here are 15 of our fictional favorites, starting with the one we remember best as "Sir.""Teachers tend to be unsung heroes, but once in a while a movie or TV show captures just how unforgettable they can be.

(She was romantically linked to Moe, Krusty the Clown and Principal Skinner, just to name a few.) And, yes, her name is indeed a play off of Miss Crabtree from "Our Gang."She's the head of an all-girls Catholic boarding school with its share of rebellious teenagers.In the end, he's offered a plum engineering job but—yay! How can you not love a wisecracking high-school teacher who takes a job at his alma mater in Brooklyn and tries to better the lives of a gang of "unteachable" students known as Sweathogs?Turns out Kotter was once a Sweathog himself, and that only gives us more reason to root for him. Sullivan, the real-life instructor of Helen Keller, went blind herself when she was just 5 years old.Season three was notably shorter than the previous ABC seasons.This was because the staff were busy with Recess: School's Out. S., the individual 11 minute episodes of season three and season four were weaved together to create one long season. Dettweiler is punished with no recess after an unsuccessful attempt of the gang to raid the kitchen's "good food"; seeing how deranged he has become, the rest of his friends (the sporty Vince La Salle, the intellectual Gretchen Grundler, the rough-and-tumble Ashley Spinelli [referred to by her last name], and the sweet, yet naive Mikey Blumberg) try to break him out by enlisting the help of the other students on the playground.