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Finding a date with Mingle2 has never been simpler.Our singles community is massive, and you're only a couple of clicks away from finding a date.Thus, when Priebe, Merrifield, and Krysko decided to go ahead with Club Penguin in 2003, they had Penguin Chat on which to base part of the design process.After two years of testing and development, the first version of Club Penguin went live on October 24, 2005.As part of Rocketsnail Games, Priebe released Experimental Penguins in 2000, which featured gameplay similar to that which was incorporated into Club Penguin.

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There have been ten sponsored parties (or "Takeovers") in Club Penguin, promoting other Walt Disney (in most cases) brands (except Innocent Smoothies).

The success of Club Penguin led to New Horizon being purchased by The Walt Disney Company in August 1, 2007 for the sum of 350 million dollars, with an additional 350 million dollars in bonuses should specific targets be met by 2009.

with a number of features introduced to the game to facilitate this — including offering an "Ultimate Safe Chat" mode, whereby users select their comments from a menu; filtering that prevents swearing and the revelation of personal information; As Merrifield later described the situation, they decided to build Club Penguin when they were unsuccessful in finding "something that had some social components but was safe, and not just marketed as safe" for their own children.

Club Penguin created their first sponsored party in June 2012 with Marvel to promote their new film, The Avengers. In the summer of 2012, Club Penguin was sponsored by Marvel, Shake It Up, and Innocent Smoothies.

In the summer of 2013, Club Penguin teamed up with Pixar Animation Studios to create the Monsters University Takeover, with Lucasfilm to create the Star Wars Takeover, and Disney Channel for the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam.