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Yes, there was still the matter of finding a suitable gift, but how hard could that be, really?Vinyl glanced towards Octavia to see if she had noticed her little panic attack.Swallowing back her uneasiness at the realisation, she tried to distract herself with monotony. Well, she thought, first they would need to get some breakf– Oh sweet Celestia, it’s Octavia’s birthday tomorrow and I don’t have a present!Panic shot through her body and she stiffened visibly, eyes bulging.Just thinking about what she had with Octavia being hurt in any way was enough to make her feel a little ill.Somewhere in the back of her mind, the word ‘lovesickness’ was being tossed around a lot.Some ponies were already out there pushing big plows to get the paths clear before the day truly began.

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The boots helped, but nothing was truly safe from Manehattan weather.

Vinyl woke from chilly tendrils of air brushing against her cheek.

She shivered and tried to sink deeper under the covers, but the movement only brought the cold wind to the rest of her body.

She quickly trotted over to some school supplies and found a pen and paper.

Thinking quickly, she quickly wrote a vague note explaining that she had to go out for a while.