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と言う位に短かかった気がするんやが、今年一番の夏が関西の孤島、淡路島にありやした。そう2009FREEDOM! By Todd Fitch This classy looking four-seat convertible 1951 Riley RMD awaits a new owner in Saline, Michigan, with a listing here on e Bay.Anna, who quickly got on my nerves, took exception, saying all the women in the room had worked hard to get to Cambridge.True, but I wonder how many, come 35, will go part-time or give up work altogether, given they will inevitably marry alpha males able to afford to keep them. While these youngsters see me as the ultimate ‘me’ columnist, they are the ultimate ‘me’ generation.

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Longtime tech industry pundit Tim O'Reilly sat down with Information Week to talk about the future of business, society, and the enterprise.

I’ve mentored many but, bar one or two exceptions, they have let me down, disappearing for years to have babies, forgetting they have a debt to repay, no thought of loyalty. Selfish, spoilt and full of a sense of entitlement.

And anyway, how can Anna possibly know as she has not yet had a job? I’ve found, over 30 years, that women squander opportunity, that they return investment with maternity leave, stress, tears, more tears and gossip.

If only my parents had had an ambition for me other than to make it to adulthood without being run over, I could have come here and glided through life.

I’d have made lifelong contacts, been given a leg-up rather than having to scrabble at the bottom of the pile.