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Through this approach, students are better able to understand what the research and statistics mean for themselves!

Seeing that there was a need for a text that reflected the issues- like race and ethnicity, remarriage and stepfamilies, and sexuality, that face students and their families, Professor Benokraitis wrote Marriage and Families as a way to show students both the choices and constraints that families face in modern society.

Professor Benokraitis lives in Maryland with her husband, Dr.

Vitalius Benokraitis, a vice president at a technology assessment company. The author looks forward (and always responds) to comments on the 7th edition of Marriages and Families: Changes, Choices, and Constraints.

As we work through letter recognition I plan to add some more prehistoric characters to his letter book, for now we have 'T is for Tyrannosaurus', 'S is for Spinosaurus' and 'A is for Apatosaurus' (pretty sure I'm going to struggle to find X dinosaurs, let alone draw one, but we will cross that bridge!

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My Family Lab enables students to diagnose their progress by completing an online diagnostic test.  My Family Lab then reports the diagnostic test results to the instructor, as individual stuent grades as well as an aggregate report of class progress.  Based on these reports, the instructor can adapt course material to suit the needs of indivudual students or the class as a whole, without investing a lot of additioiional time.  Additionally, My Family Lab offers the major resources for Marriages & Families, 6e--including Lecture Outline Power Point Slides with Classroom Response System Questions, Chapter Graphics in Power Point Slides and the Instructor's Resource Manual with Test Item File--in one convenient location.    The following resources are available in for each chapter of the text in My Family Lab: --ebook --diagnostic test --Custom Study Plan --Research Navigator --Crossword Puzzles --Flashcards --Self Assessments --Chapter Pretest Quizzes --Chapter Exams --Learning Activities --Video Activities --Chapter Summary and Review    "Marriages and Families is a text designed to unveil the implications of how changes in families and their structure, as well as in society, impact the choices student’s make and their personal relationships.You can combine your customized text and reader together.Mix and match any of the text and readings you want to create your ideal book.