Odessa women dating scam

Last year the company managed to turn over £90m in revenue because of its chat services that allow men to pay as much as a pound per minute just to talk with women that might be a good match for them.

For another £10 they can send out an email message.

Each of these women is supposedly searching for love allowing the men to have plenty of available options.

After meeting as many Ukrainian women as they like at the clubs, the men can choose to meet up with the women for one on one dates throughout the following week.

Source: Krystyna is a Russian and Ukrainian dating blogger and Youtube video coach.

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The scene usually looks the same, one Western man sitting with a very attractive Ukrainian girl that is likely in her twenties and another young woman that serves as a translator between the two since there is an obvious language barrier in most cases.

Most of the men are pretty disappointed when this occurs with each sharing their own stories of women that they had chatted with every day that they really wanted to meet.

This is the main reason why many of the men make the leap and decide to come.

For the whopping sum of £3000, 39 men are brought to an induction meeting that kicks off the tour and are told that they can head out to three different social events.

These events all take place at nightclubs in Ukraine where hundreds of women are supposed to be in attendance.