Playlists selected for updating no longer exist

On the Samsung Galaxy S3, turn off "Auto haptic" for Rocket Music Player and Rocket Player Premium Unlocker. This will prompt you to download Rocket Player Free - follow the prompt to the store to download the free version4. Now that both version are from the same store, Rocket Player should be unlocked If you're using an Android 4.4 device and your music has been migrated to the package folder (Android/data/com.jrtstudio.

Do this by going "Settings - Sound and Effects - Auto Haptic - Off". Another Music Player/) back up your music before you do this.

Rocket Music Player is more powerful than the stock player in several ways: a customizable equalizer, album art management, advanced library scanning, tag editing, batch operations, colorful themes, metadata recording when used with i Syncr for i Tunes to Android options and much more all for free.

Rocket Music Player and Rocket Player Premium Unlocker will use a very small amount of your mobile data to download album art and use other features that require a connection.

These transitions only work when songs end naturally.

Instructors and musicians can use the "Stop After Each Song" feature in "Settings - Audio" which will pause after each song in a playlist so instruction can be given, or you can speak with your audience.

Google Play purchased music is natively stored in the cloud and can not be played in any other music player other than Google Play Music.

Download your music from Google's Music Manager onto a computer and then copy the music to your phone using this tutorial.

If your desired album art is not displayed, long press on the album art, select "Manage Art" and change the art.

You can also prefer embedded art by selecting the "Prefer ID3 Artwork" option in "Settings - Album Art".