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For example, an language, and everything in it, is an object. Your Java programs consist of classes, in which you manipulate objects, and make the whole program do what you want.

This concept will be familiar to you if you've ever programmed C , if not, think of objects as structures.

Believe it or not, the way you use variables can significantly impact your program.

This section is a very simple introduction to what variables are, and how they're used in programs.

There can be many different types of variables, including of your own type.

A sample declaration for different variable types is given below. The above variables are what's know as primitive types.

This is a growing document; as new features are added to the language, new techniques are discovered or realized, this document shall be updated to try to accommodate them all.

The way most examples are executed is through the JDK's command line Java interpreter.

(at the prompt, you just type Variables are the key to any program.

And here's where our next section starts, the Arrays!

One of the most basic data structures, is an array.