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His speech teacher has recommended him for the part of Moses Grandy, who wrote the memoir .

The video segment, in which Schimri reads from the Tele Prom Ter a passage about the graphic horrors of lashings, will be shown to secondary schools and homeschoolers who have signed up for the Bob Jones package of 11th grade history.

The small team bows heads to pray that this will go smoothly and they roll the film. Accommodating, while surrounding him are people both over-eager and a little uncertain.

Like the university itself, they are walking a line between liking him for who he is and exploiting him just a bit for his difference.

Although it’s early in his freshman year, he is known. Then chapel, a resounding sermon by none other than Dr.

Pretty much wherever he goes he is surrounded by something of an entourage. Then there was a vocabulary quiz in English class followed by a discussion of fallacious disjointed syllogisms using biblical examples, then orientation class for a lecture on the college’s art collection (proclaimed to be the second largest collection of religious art in the western hemisphere, after the Vatican’s).However, University President Steve Pettit told The Greenville News (ITAL) no one tried to get the university's nonprofit status back from the IRS before he took over in 2014. Supreme Court ruled in 1983 that the IRS revoking Bob Jones University's tax-exempt status was legal because the federal government's focus to end racial discrimination was more important.He said the university had to create a complicated plan to restore their status. “I’m going to get asked on a lot of outings because of the curiosity factor,” he says.Religion is one of the most racially divided areas of American life.