Updating svn

Subversion exists to be universally recognized and adopted as an open-source, centralized version control system characterized by its reliability as a safe haven for valuable data; the simplicity of its model and usage; and its ability to support the needs of a wide variety of users and projects, from individuals to large-scale enterprise operations.

Apache Subversion is hosting a yearly (1-week long) event called the Subversion Hackathon.

We are pleased to announce the release of Apache Subversion 1.8.19.

This is the most complete release of the 1.8.x line to date, and we encourage all users to upgrade as soon as reasonable.

"Enterprise-class centralized version control for the masses" Welcome to subversion.apache.org, the online home of the Apache Subversion™ software project.

Subversion is an open source version control system.

Subversive includes several features that extend functionality of the standard SVN client.

In particular, Subversive can show the SVN repository content grouped by the logical structures of trunk, branch and tag and display changes on a visual revisions graph.

Today, the Subversive project consists of the Subversive plug-in for Eclipse developed as an Eclipse open-source project; and the Subversion connectors (used for communication with SVN) developed as an external open-source project on Subversive is an official Eclipse project and an integral part of Eclipse Simultaneous releases.The project follows all Eclipse guidelines and requirements to deliver a quality SVN team provider plug-in similar to CVS and Git implementations.Subversive plug-in provides access to Subversion repositories from the Eclipse workbench.Subversive is designed to be used as a full-featured SVN client, so you can update, commit, merge changes, work with SVN properties, view change history and perform other operations with SVN directly from the Eclipse environment.