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The hotel is an interesting building dating back to 1830s , but whilst the building is old we have very up to date ideas on hospitality and first class service is top of our menu.

Exclusively eating plant-based foods resulted in an average weight loss of 13.67lbs (6.2kg), compared to 7.05lbs (3.2kg) among those following a typical diabetes eating plan.

The findings also demonstrated the vegetarian group lost more fat around and inside their muscles.

Researchers believe this may be due to vegetarian diets changing our fat storage and insulin sensitivity, as well as making us feel more energized, which encourages people to stick to their eating plan.The findings suggest the millions of people in Britain adopting a so-called ‘flexitarian’ diet – becoming vegetarian a few days a week – are significantly benefiting their health.The research, which involved tracking 16,000 people over a decade, found that those who eat just 25 per cent less meat every week are nearly half as likely to become obese.We strive to introduce at Knowle, Solihull; our unique, flavoursome and healthy dishes to captivate your passion for great food.r, South Ayrshire is ideally situated in a leafy conservation area 2 minutes walk from the town centre and the our popular seafront with wonderful sandy beach, perfect for a walk no matter the weather, with it's famous views to Ailsa Craig, Arran and beyond. All transport is within easy access, bus and railway stations are an easy walk, Glasgow Prestwick International Airport is a 10 minute drive.