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Go Pro: A Hammer For Your Action-Packed Nails Go Pro cameras are dedicated video recorders, and built to handle the stresses of an active lifestyle.Additionally, their tiny size and versatility make them perfect for capturing extreme sports: you can mount it on your bike helmet, your DJI drone, the side of your car, even on top of your dog.Go Pro The Go Pro action cam has become synonymous with first-person video showcasing amazing tricks from the world of extreme sports.For most of us, the answer to catching clips of cool tricks or excursions through nature’s grandeur might be inside your smartphone.

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Go Pro cameras are compact, compatible with tons of accessories, and record video at a variety of resolutions and framerates—great for capturing fast-paced action.

They’re more compact than a smartphone, which has a very large, very breakable screen by comparison.

Whether it’s a brand new i Phone 8, capable of recording in 4K, or a Nexus 5 from 2013, which has optical image stabilization, you can get some pretty high quality video from the device in your pocket, or even your junk drawer.

Larger smartphones, like the i Phone 7 Plus, feature optical image stabilization as well, so your videos won’t look too choppy.

You’ll need a case that can fit inside the mounts, but companies like Otterbox make cases with mounting capabilities that are designed to take a tumble.