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Almost everyone has a webcam these days, but how many times have you joined into a web chat for fun or maybe even to meet with potential clients and your lighting was less than ideal?You are a photographer after all so shouldn't your lighting and overall presentation be awesome?I decided to combine my rather soft beauty keylight with some harsh rim lights to combine two different photographic genres.

For these Softbox Keylights I was using two Photoflex Starlites hot lamps (1000 watts with dimmers).

One was a larger 2x4' softbox and the other was a 1x4' stripbox.

They were feathered towards each other meaning the lights were almost pointing at each other more than they were pointed at me.

This created a large soft light source that hit my face directly on axis with the camera.

My two softboxes created large soft light but because they were angled towards each other instead of facing forwards the light source was also very narrow.