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Despite the name of these robots, Jameson was no murderer, and sought only to capture and unmask Spider-Man, not to kill him.

The Hobgoblin tried to blackmail Jameson by publicly revealing his responsibility for creating the Scorpion, who is now a criminal menace.

Later while investigating a series of fires in Tenement blocks, he helped save Jake Carlton and his daughter Lucy.

Afterwards he went to show his disgust to property developer Miles Warren, which ended in a restraining order against the Bugle, and subsequently fell in love with and married her.

David was an officer of the United States Army, a war veteran decorated as a hero; at home, however, David regularly abused his wife and son. Jonah Jameson grew convinced that "No one's a hero every day of the week" and "Even the real heroes can't keep it up all the time." It was later clarified that David Jameson was in fact Jonah's stepfather, and the brother of J. In high school, his interests were mainly boxing and photography.

Jonah Jameson was raised as a child by David and Betty Jameson.

This man, who had on separate incidents almost snapped a picture of the unmasked Captain America and sent correspondent C.

(paternal uncle / stepfather, presumably deceased); Joan Jameson (first wife, deceased); Marla Madison (second wife, deceased); John Jameson (son); Bernice Franklin (sister, deceased); Jerry Franklin (brother-in-law); Martha Franklin (niece / adopted daughter, deceased); Jennifer Walters (ex-daughter-in-law); May Jameson (stepmother); Peter Parker (step-cousin) I own up to my mistakes! She and her husband had only one child, John, who became an astronaut for NASA.

Jameson's wife Joan died at some point under unrevealed circumstances.

As a result, Spider-Man became an outlaw The Vulture managed to escape from prison and resumed his crime spree.

He attacked the Daily Bugle and demanded the money from their safe.